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All Titles for Making A Difference 25 Years of ITA

Audiotapes.com is proud to present the following recordings from Making A Difference 25 Years of ITA. All titles were recorded  .

1. Autonomy, Structure Hunger, and Open Ended Script. Marasmus, the Disease of Retirement
      by Lois Johnson

      Our Price:  $16.00     Product Code: ASCITAE

             More info...

2. Beyond Autonomy: From Symbiosis to Spirituality
      by Johathan B. Weiss

      Our Price:  $16.00     Product Code: ASCITAJ

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3. Cycles of Development
      by Pam Levin

      Our Price:  $16.00     Product Code: ASCITBH

             More info...

4. Epigram Update
      by John M. Duasy

      Our Price:  $16.00     Product Code: ASCITDD

             More info...

5. Injunction, Decision, Re-Decision
      by Eric Berne

      Our Price:  $16.00     Product Code: ASCITBC

             More info...

6. Life on Mother Earth - Making a Difference for a Long Loving Life
      by Morris Haimowitz

      Our Price:  $16.00     Product Code: ASCITCE

             More info...

7. Spiritual Dimensions in Psychotherapy
      by David Steere

      Our Price:  $16.00     Product Code: ASCITEH

             More info...

8. Structure for Success by Using the Structure Continuum
      by Jean Illsley Clarke

      Our Price:  $16.00     Product Code: ASCITDC

             More info...

9. The Integrative Classroom
      by Larry Pickett

      Our Price:  $16.00     Product Code: ASCITCJ

             More info...

10. Time-Frames, Theory, and Therapy
      by Ian Stewart

      Our Price:  $16.00     Product Code: ASCITEI

             More info...

11. Treatment of Multiple (Through Childhood) Abuse Victims
      by Russell E. Osnes

      Our Price:  $16.00     Product Code: ASCITAI

             More info...

12. Unifying Ego State Theory
      by Harry Corsover

      Our Price:  $16.00     Product Code: ASCITCB

             More info...

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