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All Titles for Take A Risk and Keep the Chance

Audiotapes.com is proud to present the following recordings from Take A Risk and Keep the Chance, which was sponsored by International Association of NLP. All titles were recorded  .

1. A Proven Model for Successful Group Selling
      by Jim Poirot

      Our Price:  $11.00     Product Code: IANTR17CRN

             More info...

2. Advanced Behavioral Modeling
      by Wyatt Woodsmall

      Our Price:  $20.00     Product Code: IANTR14CRN

             More info...

3. An Immunologist Views the Allergy Technique
      by Judith Swack

      Our Price:  $11.00     Product Code: IANTR19CRN

             More info...

4. Communication: Key to Learning
      by Dorothy Armstrong

      Our Price:  $20.00     Product Code: IANTR04CRN

             More info...

5. Compelling Quest to Chosen Quest: Beyond Imperative Self
      by Martin Lowenthal

      Our Price:  $20.00     Product Code: IANTR07CRN

             More info...

6. Hunches and Gut Feelings
      by Marcia Reese

      Our Price:  $20.00     Product Code: IANTR08CRN

             More info...

7. Introduction to NLP-Making the Most of Whatever You Do
      by Jim Lawton

      Our Price:  $20.00     Product Code: IANTR01CRN

             More info...

8. Is There a Place for Empathy in NLP
      by Anne Linden

      Our Price:  $20.00     Product Code: IANTR13CRN

             More info...

9. Language Your Personal Experience
      by Mel Bucholtz

      Our Price:  $20.00     Product Code: IANTR21CRN

             More info...

10. Meta Physical: From Movement to Magic
      by Roger Millen (Qilin)

      Our Price:  $20.00     Product Code: IANTR03CRN

             More info...

11. Modeling the Universe in a Grain of Sand
      by Mel Bucholtz

      Our Price:  $11.00     Product Code: IANTRKNCRN

             More info...

12. Practitioner, NLP Thyself
      by Larry Bellinger

      Our Price:  $11.00     Product Code: IANTR16CRN

             More info...

13. Skills Transfer: Self Confidence
      by Charles Perry

      Our Price:  $20.00     Product Code: IANTR05CRN

             More info...

14. Symbolized Rites of Passage: Your Personalized Tale
      by Perla Knie

      Our Price:  $11.00     Product Code: IANTR10CRN

             More info...

15. The Handshake Induction: Instant Rapport in Business
      by Charles Perry

      Our Price:  $20.00     Product Code: IANTR20CRN

             More info...

16. The Rosetta Interfacing NLP and Psychodynamic Therapies
      by Jean Radcliffe-Birch

      Our Price:  $20.00     Product Code: IANTR11CRN

             More info...

17. Why You Eat the Way You Do
      by Roger Bailey

      Our Price:  $11.00     Product Code: IANTR18CRN

             More info...

18. Winner or Loser? An Introduction to the Imperative Self Model
      by Richard Clarke

      Our Price:  $20.00     Product Code: IANTR02CRN

             More info...

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