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Genealogy is the study and tracing of family pedigrees. This involves collecting the names of relatives, both living and deceased, and establishing the relationships between them based on primary, secondary and/or circumstantial evidence or documentation, thus building up a cohesive family tree. ****NOTE****( ALL TAPES FROM CONFERENCES 1990 & BELOW ARE DISCONTINUED.)

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Available Conferences or Events
Ask the Experts was recorded in 1986 at the NGS Conference in Columbus, Ohio and is produced on a choice of media listed below. 1/10/2012
Conference in the States 2004 5/22/2004
Ohio Genealogical Society 2004 Annual Conference 4/22/2004
NGS Gentech 2004 1/22/2004
FGS/FSGS 2003 Conference 9/3/2003
23rd Annual International Association of Jewish Genealogy Societies (IAJGS) Conference on Jewish Genealogy 8/1/2003
The Midwestern Roots 2003: Family History and Genealogy Conference 7/11/2003
New England Research in the Early 21st Century 7/11/2003
National Genealogical Society Conference in the States Pittsburgh Moving a Nation Westward 5/28/2003
Ohio Genealogical Society 2003 Annual Conference 4/24/2003
California - A Goldmine of Diversity 8/7/2002
2002 NGS Conference in the States 5/15/2002
The Ohio Genalogical Society's 41st Annual Conference 4/18/2002
GenTech 2002 1/25/2002
Inkwells to the Internet 10/18/2001
Great River Bend 9/12/2001
2001 NGS Conference in the States 5/16/2001
GenTech 2001 2/2/2001
A World of Records 9/6/2000
Celebrating the Century 7/19/2000
20th International Conference on Jewish Genealogy 7/9/2000
2000 NGS Conference in the States New England 5/31/2000
GenTech 2000 1/1/2000
The 1999 Michigan Genealogical Council Seminar 10/28/1999
17th Annual Family History Conference 10/23/1999
1999 Annual Conference 10/16/1999
19th Annual Conference On Jewish Genealogy 9/8/1999
Meet Me In St. Louis -- The people of America 8/11/1999
You’ve Got An Ancestor A Friend In Pennsylvania 6/25/1999
1999 NGS Conference in the States 5/12/1999
Breaking Through Brick Walls 4/15/1999
Gentech 99 1/22/1999
Wisconsin Sesquicentennial Family History Conference 10/23/1998
The Fifth New England Regional Genealogical Conference 10/22/1998
Immigrant Dreams 8/19/1998
18th Annual Seminar on Jewish Genealogy 7/12/1998
The National Genealogical Society 1998 NGS Conference in the States 5/6/1998
Bring Your Ancestors to Life 4/9/1998
Developing the Partnership Genealogy and Technology 1/23/1998
3rd Irish Genealogical Congress 9/22/1997
Unlock Your Heritage 9/3/1997
Genealogy From A To Z 5/15/1997
Pennsylvania Cradle of a Nation 5/7/1997
Technology in Genealogy Conference 1/25/1997
The 1996 Michigan Genealogy Seminar 9/19/1996
The 1996 Michigan Genealogical Council Seminar 9/19/1996
17th Annual Conference on Hispanic Genealogy and History 9/5/1996
15th Annual Summer Seminar on Jewish Genealogy 8/14/1996
A Major Genealogical Conference 6/21/1996
The Fourth New England Genealogical Conference 4/24/1996
Old Families, New Friends -8th Annual Dallas Genealogical Society Regional Conference 11/10/1995
New England Regional Conference 10/12/1995
From Sea To Shining Sea 9/20/1995
150 Years -Sesquicentennial Conference -"Exploring Our Heritage" 7/1/1995
14th Summer Seminar on Jewish Genealogy 6/24/1995
A Place to Explore 5/3/1995
The 1995 Technology in Genealogy Conference 1/27/1995
Rabbi Malcolm H. Stern Memorial Seminar -- Beyond Basics 1/22/1995
Your Future in the Past 11/19/1994
On to Richmond 10/15/1994
The Second Irish Genealogical Congress 9/22/1994
Where East Meets West 8/4/1994
Exploring a Nation of Immigrants - Houston Style 6/1/1994
The Afro-American Genealogical and Historical Society 5/13/1994
GenTech 94 1/1/1994
Gateway to the Past 8/1/1993
A Chesapeake Homecoming -- National Genealogical Society Conference 6/1/1993
Dallas Genealogical Society Symposium 11/14/1992
Dallas Genealogical Society Beginners Workshop 11/14/1992
New Horizons: A Conference in the Southwest 8/1/1992
A New Voyage of Discovery 5/1/1992
All American Conference 8/1/1991
Federation of Genealogical Societies (Salt Lake City) 1/1/1990
National Genealogical Society 10th Annual Conference 1/1/1990
Seventh Summer Seminar on Jewish Genealogy 1/1/1990
Genealogical Conference of New York, Inc. 1/1/1990
Eighth National Seminar on Jewish Genealogy 1/1/1989
Germans From Russia Conference (Lincoln) 1/1/1989
National Genealogical Society 9th Annual Conference 1/1/1989
Illinois State Genealogical Society (Decatur) 1/1/1988
National Genealogical Society 8th Annual Conference 1/1/1988
National Genealogical Society 1/1/1988
1st International Congress on Family History 1/1/1988
Germans From Russia Conference (Oklahoma City) 1/1/1988
National Conference of Palatines to America 1/1/1988
National Genealogical Society 7th Annual Conference 1/1/1987
Federation of Genealogical Societies (Orlando) 1/1/1986
National Genealogical Society 6th Annual Conference 1/1/1986
Maine Genealogical Society's Decentennial Conference 1/1/1986
Society of Genealogists 75th Annual Congress 1/1/1986
Federation of Genealogical Societies (Kansas City) 1/1/1985
National Genealogical Society 5th Annual Conference 1/1/1985
International Seminar on Jewish Genealogy 1/1/1984
Fourth National Seminar on Jewish Genealogy 1/1/1984
National Genealogical Society 4th Annual Conference 1/1/1984
Illinois State Genealogical Society (Collinsville) 1/1/1983
National Genealogical Society 3rd Annual Conference 1/1/1983
Illinois State Genealogical Society (Charleston) 1/1/1983
Researching in New York 1/1/1983
National Genealogical Society 2nd Annual Conference 1/1/1982
German Research Conference 1/1/1982
Palatines to America National Conference 1/1/1980
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24th Annual Conference

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